Writing a Letter for a Business [with Sample]

A business transaction letter is a simple business letter that is written by an individual to a business requesting more information about the business. 

It is mainly used to establish formal correspondence to get an idea about how the business is run and if it offers any additional services or products than are listed in a catalog or advertisement.

Business Letterhead

If the letter is from one business to another, it should be written on business letterhead. This proves the letter and the request for information comes from the company and not personally from the company owner.

If the recipient is known to the company owner, the letter should be address to that person. However, if the name is not known, it can be addressed to the head of a department or To Whom It May Concern.

The simple letter should clearly state that the sender is interested in the services or products of the business and would like more information. Any questions can be listed in bullet points.

The sender can ask any question they have. This is their chance to learn as much as they can about the business and get the answers in writing.

The business transaction letter should:

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  1. Be formal and professional
  2. Clearly state the information required
  3. Put the major points in bullets
  4. Request answers in writing

Some people mistake a letter for business transaction with a letter that itemizes a deal or oral contract.

This type of letter is usually called a letter for a business transaction and is intended to be a clear communication in writing that gives all the details about a future business transaction.

First Sentence

A letter for a business transaction should state in the first sentence that the aim of the letter is to confirm a previous discussion.

After that, the specifics of the discussion should be stated in detail including the duties and responsibilities of each party involved in the transaction.

It should include the name of the person with whom the sender spoke and the name of both companies.

A termination date for the transaction should also be included. This letter should also be sent by certified mail, return requested and a copy kept by the sender.

Below is a sample letter for business transaction. It is intended to get more information about a business. 

It should be written in formal business letter style and sent by certified mail, return requested. The sender should also keep a copy of the letter.

Sample Letter For Business Transaction

James Brown
ABC Business
230 Mystic View Turn
Columbia, MD, 40001

April 9, 2022

Regina Lewis
XYZ Business
1450 15th Street
Washington, DC, 22331

RE: Business Transaction

Dear Ms. Lewis:

This letter is a formal request for more information concerning your maid cleaning services. I have seen your advertisements and understand basically what you offer, but would like more detailed information.

My questions include:

  1. Are there fees and costs that are not included in the main price?
  2. Do you offer a monthly price or only a weekly price?
  3. Do you pay for the cleaning products or do I provide that?
  4. Are your employees licensed, bonded and insured?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. I can be reached at 555-555-1111 and at james@gmail.com.


James Brown