Writing a Letter of Encouragement to a Friend [with Sample]

Everyone needs a little encouragement every now and again. Life is hard; there is sickness, death, unemployment, family problems and all sorts of other things that can really wear on a person. 

letter of motivation is meant to encourage. It should be drafted to help the addressed party to be able to do something that seems impossible or to encourage them while going through a difficult situation.

Goal Of The Encouragement Letter

The goal of the encouragement letter is to motivate and put a bounce in someone’s step and a smile on their face. After reading the letter, if drafted correctly, the person will feel different and may even have a positive outlook on a grim situation.

Regardless of what the individual needs encouragement for, never focus on any negative aspects, rather only concentrate on being optimistic. Be up-beet and jolly while writing and that will be conveyed to the reader.

Drafting The Letter

When drafting a letter that is meant to encourage, there are some formatting guidelines that should be observed. For instance, making sure that the correct spelling and grammar is used is of the utmost importance.

This will be beneficial in making sure that the point that is trying to be conveyed is properly received. Spelling words wrong can lead to a choppy letter that doesn’t read correctly and the point could be missed. 

Starting the first paragraph correctly is important. To keep the reader’s attention, the writer needs to state the specific purpose for writing sooner rather than later. Start out with something funny, a joke, or even an inspirational saying.

People Love Little Additives

People love little additives that are thought provoking. The intro paragraph is just to state the purpose for writing the letter. The body of the letter should be left for elaborating on specific events and getting personal. 

The body of the letter doesn’t have to be long, but it can be very meaningful. Again, there are many reasons why a letter of this nature would be written. If the person needs encouragement in their job hunt, the letter would be tailored according to this type of situation.

If a person is suffering from a sickness and can’t seem to catch a break, the letter should focus on overcoming the sickness and giving something to look forward too. 

The whole key to this type of letter is motivation, and the wording can be addressed so that it fits the situation. The intended reader should smile; feel encouraged and even motivated after reading.

Sample Encouragement Letter For A Friend

Dear Jennifer,

You have been on my mind lately with everything that you are going through. As the old saying goes, “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger,” I believe in time you will be able to overcome the extreme feeling of sadness and despair.

I know that you have been having a hard time, but I want you to know that I am a friend who has always been there and always will be. Remember when we got in trouble with the high school principal, we thought that was the most difficult thing we would ever face in life, boy were we wrong? 

I was shocked to learn that your father had passed. I know it is the hardest thing in the world to have to face life without a parent, but you are a survivor and I know you will be okay.

During these difficult times, try to focus on the wonderful memories that you have. Nothing can ever take those from you, ever. Your dad was an inspiration to all who knew him and I was honored to call him friend.

Be thankful for the 68 years that he had and the wonderful impact he made on those around him. He loved you with all his heart and always called you his baby girl.

Your dad wouldn’t want you to be sad and cry for him, he lived a rich and full life. As you face the next few months without him, remember how blessed you are to have him as a father, even if for a short time.

He was amazing and so are you. I have no doubt in time you will heal and be able to go on. While you will never forget, in time the pain will lessen. Be encouraged today, your daddy was so proud of you and the success you have made out of your life. I am always here if you need me for anything.


Lisa A. Donovan