Writing a Simple Raffle Donation Letter (Free Sample)

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A daunting task for anyone who is running a fundraiser or seeking funds for a special cause is writing a donation request letterThis includes soliciting a company or business to donate a prize for a raffle. 

If a person only does this once or twice a year, then a refresher may be necessary. The main thing to realize is to not feel overwhelmed. 

Gather Contact Information

The best place to start when seeking donations for a raffle prize is to gather contact information for the people, local businesses, and contacts you already know. 

Most people will be wager to help out a local charity or do what they can to help raise money for a special cause. One of the most important goals of a business is favorable public relations.

A well-prepared raffle donation letter is crucial when seeking donations for a raffle prize. There are an assortment of tips that can be used when preparing your donation request letter. The goal is to compose a donation letter that is a suitable length, but not too long.

First Thing To Do

The first thing to do is make a list of local businesses and any organizations that may have a relation to your raffle event. There may be related organizations that can recommend donors who can provide you a raffle prize.

This can include one item or various items for a goody bag or secondary prizes. You may be able to save a bit of time by composing an email, but a formal letter may produce better results.

Research any company that has been identified as a potential source of a raffle prize. You need to send your letter to the department or person who handles this type of request.

The best option is to see if the website of the company has this information or you can call them directly.

one important aspect

One important aspect about seeking donations for a raffle prize is many companies will often be very generous. If your raffle is for a fundraiser or cause, then the likelihood of getting a donation is high.

The average time that a company needs to respond to a donation request is about size weeks. You need to prepare your raffle donation letter and send it well-before a scheduled event.

The timeframe may be longer if the donation request is being made close to Christmas. Do not be surprised to get vouchers in lieu of a physical item. However, a business may have discontinued items for this purpose.

common mistakes

There are a few things to keep in mind when composing a raffle donation letter. Many people who will be sending donation need to be aware of common mistakes.

One is choosing a type font that is small to read. The best type font to use that has the most appeal is 14. Another aspect of any donation letter will be to make the recipient feel important and special. If you are seeking support for a special cause, then to do is not use generalizations and jargon.

Sample raffle Donations letter

Name of Potential Donor (Business or Individual)

Dear (Insert Name of Recipient)

The first paragraph needs to identify you, your organization, and cause. Make sure to include the main reason for seeking a raffle prize from the recipient. You can also include a short description explaining your fundraiser, but do not go overboard.

The second paragraph explaining the importance of the fundraiser for the event you have planned. You may be raising money to replace old equipment or other purpose. 

Make sure to explain why a donation is important and how the recipient will benefit. This includes providing the name of the business or the organization at your event. 

You may also have a newsletter or website where you can display the name of the company. Many companies will be eager to get some free promotion and advertising.

The third paragraph should state that any donations will be appreciated. Keep in mind you may contact a business that may offer promotional items with their logo. 

These are great to use for a goody bag and for a door prize. Make sure to indicate who the recipient can contact with any questions. You will also need to provide a telephone number or email address.

Thank you for your generous support,

Your Name
City State Zip

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