Writing a Request Letter for Job [with Sample]

Many job seekers go to a lot of trouble and expense to create an accurate and attractive resume. They research the most popular templates and even follow tips to attract the employer.

After going to all of this trouble, they often write a quick request letter for job at the last minute explaining who they are and why their application should be considered. This is a mistake. A good resume needs a good request letter for job because it may determine whether or not the employer even looks at the resume.

research exactly what the job entails

The request letter for job may state the wonderful qualifications of the applicant, but this should not be the main focus. The employer is more interested in how the applicant’s skills relate to the position. The applicant should research exactly what the job entails and tailor the letter accordingly.

This is not the place to write a long letter. The aim of this letter is to get the employer to read the resume as well as to show the applicant’s professionalism. Brevity will work in the applicant’s favor. 

The employer will make a spontaneous decision in a matter of seconds when they read the request letter for job. This is why it needs to clearly state how the applicant fits the job description.

If the applicant is answering an advertisement, it may help to visit the company before writing the request letter for job. This will show the employer that the applicant is serious about the job and give the applicant important details to add to the letter.

grammar needs to be correct

The spelling, grammar and punctuation needs to be correct. If any personal names are used, they should be spelled correctly. The language should be simple and straightforward. A job application letter is not the place to show off an exceptional vocabulary.

The letter should be honest. It’s all right to exaggerate a bit when expressing suitability for the job, but it is not all right to exaggerate when stating credentials and experience. These things can be checked, and if the candidate is being seriously considered, they probably will be.

Request letter for job will vary according to the position’s requirements. It may be easier to list technological skills rather than management skills. For personal skills, previous experience can be highlighted, and for technical skills, knowledge may be highlighted. 

If a person is applying to several companies or organizations, they should write a  different  request letter for job to accompany each application. 

Some tips for writing a request letter for job are:

• The core skills needed for the job should be listed along with how the applicant has the requirements for the job
• Work experience clearly stated as examples of why the applicant is the best person for the job
• How the candidate will help the company
• Strengths of the candidate
• Understanding of the structure of the company
• Understanding of how the position fits in the company
• Understanding of the products and markets

Below is an example of a simple request letter for job:

sample request letter for job

Applicant’s Name
Applicants Address
City, State, Zip Code
Applicant’s phone number
Applicant’s email address

Company’s Name
Hiring Person’s Name
Company’s Address


Dear Hiring Person’s Name,

I would like to apply for the position of POSITION available in NAME of COMPANY that is advertised in the NAME OF NEWSPAPER. I have NUMBER OF YEARS experience in this area and believe I have the qualifications and skills to fill the job.

I understand the importance of this POSITION in the smooth running of the company and will do my best to maintain the high standards of NAME OF COMPANY.

I believe my skills and experience fulfil the qualification listed in the advertisement. These include:

• Work with others
• Manage other employees
• Professional skills

In my previous work experience, I have successfully handled the POSITION, however, I am changing my location, which is why I am applying to COMPANY NAME. I enjoy this type of work, which is one reason for my success.

I believe that when you review my application and resume you will see that I am especially suited for this POSITION. If you have any further questions or require additional documentation, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant’s Signature
Applicant’s Name
List of enclosures

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