Writing a Sponsorship Letter for Visa Application [with Sample]

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sponsorship letter for visa application can help when someone applies for a visa to enter another country. 

Often the application is more readily accepted if a relative or a friend who is a citizen of the country requesting to be visited writes this letter. Sometimes the consulate will ask for a sponsorship letter.

Another thing to consider is that by writing the letter, the person may be agreeing to sponsor or provide financial support for the visitor for the duration of their visit. 

The letter and any documents that are sent to accompany the letter may need to be notarized. Check to see if this is required by the embassy. Make an extra copy to keep in case the original is not received.

What The Letter Must Contain

The sponsorship letter for visa application must be addressed to the embassy of the country where the visitor lives. This is written at the top of the page on the left side. It can be sent to the person applying for the visa application.

Skip two lines and put the full name of the person writing the letter and their address. Skip two lines and put the letter writers work and home phone numbers and their email address. Skip two lines and add the subject such as “request for a visa for friend”.

Skip one line and put the greeting. Skip a line and begin with the body of the letter This part must include:

The full name of the person who will be visiting as it is written on his or her birth certificate
The person’s date of birth
Their mailing address, physical address if different from the mailing address
Their phone number and any other contact information

State The Reason For The Visit

The person writing the sponsorship letter for visa application will also need to state the reason for the visit such as business, to visit family, or visiting as a tourist. It will need information that pertains to support they will provide for the visitor. 

This includes income if required, the type of housing where the visitor will stay, and who will pay for their expenses while they are there.

Depending on the country, proof of income and bank statements may be required so an attachment with this information will need to be included. All of this information should be recent. 

Some countries require a birth certificate or passport to prove the citizenship of the person writing the letter as well.

Sponsorship Letter For Visa Application Sample

Name of the Embassy where the letter is being sent
Address of the Embassy where the letter is being sent

[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Address]
City, State 12345

Work Phone Number
Home Phone Number
Email Address

Subject: Request for a visa for family visit, tourism

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is [Name of Letter Writer]. My position is [Title of Job] at [Name of Company]. My yearly income is [Income Amount]. 

I would like for my friend, [Name of Friend], born [Date of Birth of Friend] who lives at [Friend’s Address including Country] to visit me in the United States for [Length of Time of Visit] beginning [The Month and Year].

The reason for [his or her] visit is to spend time with family as well as visit places of interest in the United States. While visiting [he or she] will stay with me at [same address as above]. 

I will provide [her or his] living expenses including personal, housing, food, travel, and medical.

I am requesting that a visa be granted to allow (her, him, them) to visit the United States. I will ensure [she or he] leave the United States before the stay expires. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at one of the telephone numbers provided or my email.


Signed full name of letter writer
Printed full name of letter writer 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a sponsorship letter for visa application?

Answer: A sponsorship letter for visa application is a letter written by a sponsor, such as a friend or family member, on behalf of an individual applying for a visa. 

The letter is a formal document that confirms that the sponsor will financially support the applicant while they are in the country and that they will take responsibility for their actions.

2. What should I include in a sponsorship letter for visa application?

Answer: A sponsorship letter should include information about the sponsor, such as their name, address, and contact information, as well as information about the applicant, such as their name, relationship to the sponsor, and the purpose of the trip. The letter should also include a statement of financial support and a statement of responsibility for the applicant’s actions.

3. Who can be a sponsor for a visa application?

Answer: A sponsor can be a friend, family member, or any other individual who is willing and able to financially support the applicant while they are in the country. The sponsor must also be willing to take responsibility for the applicant’s actions.

4. How do I submit a sponsorship letter for visa application?

Answer: A sponsorship letter can be submitted along with the visa application, usually it should be attached with the application form, it can also be submitted via email or mail depending on the embassy’s instructions.

5. Can I use a sponsorship letter for multiple visa applications?

Answer: A sponsorship letter is typically specific to one visa application, and should be tailored to the specific circumstances of that application. It is not recommended to use the same letter for multiple visa applications.

6. What happens if the sponsorship letter is not accepted?

Answer: If the sponsorship letter is not accepted, the visa application may be denied. The applicant can try to submit a new letter from a different sponsor or provide additional financial documentation to support their application.

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