Writing a Strong Insurance Claim Letter (with Sample)

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Need an Insurance Claim Letter? So, use this sample insurance claim letter as a template for your successful claim letter.

The majority of residents in the United States deal with at least one type of insurance company on a regular basis. Home insurance, renter’s insurance, automobile insurance and health insurance provide valuable protection, but dealing with these companies is not always easy.

At some point in their lives, many people will need to file an insurance claim. Writing a letter is the best way to file a claim since it provides official documentation. However, it’s important to carefully create a claim letter to get the best results.

Writing an insurance claim letter might sound intimidating, but anyone can compose a letter that will get results by keeping these important guidelines in mind.

Be careful regarding the opening

The opening of a letter sets the tone for the entire document. If a person has been wronged by an insurance company, it’s tempting to start a letter with a long list of threats and complaints. 

However, it’s best to begin any business correspondence with something positive. The writer can give a compliment about the company’s good reputation, mention a positive past interaction or think of something else that is both honest and positive. 

Starting with a compliment will give the reader a good feeling and let him know that the writer isn’t just an unreasonable customer who loves to complain.

Maintain A Polite, Professional Tone

Starting positively is important, and it is also vital to maintain a professional and polite tone throughout the letter. This does not mean that a claim letter has to be filled with praises and accolades. It’s fine and even necessary to state complaints and ask for resolution. These things simply need to be done in a polite manner.

It’s been said that a person can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and this is certainly true in professional interactions. A well-written polite letter has a much better chance of receiving a positive response than a document filled with negative rants and over the top threats.

give specific facts and details

Facts, details and other specific information are the most important things to include in an insurance claim letter. The insurance company isn’t interested in a person’s feelings and opinions on certain topics. Instead, they need to know exactly what occurred and what needs to be done.

If a letter is written regarding an insurance claim, it needs to include the writer’s policy and claim numbers, the date of the incident and specific facts and details regarding that incident. 

If possible, it is also very helpful to attach relevant documentation, such as itemized medical bills, car service receipts, the police officer’s report or written correspondence received from the other party.

list expectations

After the writer has listed facts about the occurrence and included relevant details, it’s time to list specific expectations for resolution. The expectations should be fair and realistic, and it’s also important to make them measurable and specific.

For instance, saying, “Please contact me regarding this case by June 1,” is more effective than writing, “I need you to let me know really soon what’s going on with my case.” Stating, “Please send me the full claim amount of $375 by April 30,” is more helpful than writing, “I need a fair settlement amount NOW!”

After the letter is complete, take a few minutes to proofread it before it is sent to the insurance company. It’s even better to have another person take a look at the letter to check for errors. Always keep an extra copy to file before the original is sent.

Writing an effective insurance claim letter does not have to be difficult when the writer remembers to start positively, stay polite, be detailed and list specific expectations for resolution. Below, a sample letter is included to make the process even easier.

sample insurance claim letter

Dear (Insurance Company),

Thank you for providing insurance coverage for my family for the last seven years. I have always been impressed with the quality of service that your agents have provided. However, I am now requesting your assistance regarding claim (number).

On April 2, 2019, my vehicle was damaged while it was parked in my office parking lot. When I discovered this damage after work, I immediately contacted your company and spoke with Agent Paul Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell walked me through the process of submitting a claim, and I filled out my claim online and uploaded proper documentation on April 4, 2019.

According to the details of my policy (number), I am eligible for a claim of (amount). My agent informed me that I would be contacted within 14 business days, but I have not been contacted in over one month.

Please have an agent contact me right away to discuss the details of claim (number). I would appreciate hearing from someone by May 15, 2019. I can be reached by phone at: (123) 456-3829 or by e-mail at: jackntroyer@troyerconsulting.com.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Jack Troyer

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