Writing an Insurance Quote Request Letter [Free Sample]

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When writing an insurance quote request letter to different insurance companies, the consumer needs to be sure that the different companies are giving quotes for the same coverage, limits and deductibles. 

The consumer should first decide the exact amount of coverage they need before requesting quotes.

The insurance company may try to sell more coverage, but the consumer needs to know their minimum requirement before thinking about additional coverage.

Make A List

The consumer should make a list of the insurance companies they want to ask for a quote. It is recommended to send letters to the large insurance companies as well as a few small or independent companies.

Independent companies may be able to give a lower quote because they have more flexibility in pricing and coverage benefits. 

When comparing insurance quotes, there is no point in comparing two different levels of coverage. This includes the amount of time the policy spans such as for one year or six months.

Some Insurance Companies May Add Extra Coverage

Some insurance companies may add extra coverage that the consumer doesn’t need. For example, a person who doesn’t have a swimming pool doesn’t need coverage for accidents in the pool area. 

This is the main reason the consumer should know exactly what coverage they have and how much it costs.

The consumer can also enclose a copy of their current insurance policy and ask the insurance company if they can give the same coverage for a lower premium. 

This is also an opportunity to ask new insurance companies if they give discounts for combined homeowner, life and automobile policies.

Request Letter Should Be Courteous

The request letter should be courteous, clear and to the point. The main purpose of the letter is to encourage the insurance company to sell their product at a good price. 

For this reason, it is a good idea for the consumer to mention that they are not happy with the cost of their present insurance coverage and are looking for a better price.

The letter should include the basic facts. For example, if it is a request for an automobile insurance quote, the make, model, age, mileage and number of owners should be mentioned. 

If it is a request for home or office building insurance, the type of coverage should be mentioned such as fire, flood or theft.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will most likely need to send a representative to a home or office building before giving a quote. 

It should be made easy for them to reach the consumer with phone numbers, email addresses and the times they are available.

Here is a sample of an insurance quote request letter for comprehensive insurance against theft, fire, accident and flood. 

The same letter can be sent to several insurance companies with the name of company and address changed.

It is recommended to get quotes from at least three different companies. If a copy of the current insurance policy is enclosed, the consumer should make sure it’s a copy and not send the original document.

Insurance Quote Request Letter Sample

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


The Manager
Name of Insurance Company
Address of Insurance Company
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing this letter to request a quote from your company for comprehensive insurance against theft, fire, accident and flood for my business. 

My business is a pottery shop that sells handmade pottery and home décor. There are five employees along with myself, the owner.

I have three rooms in the building including an office, display shop and large area for making and storing the clay pots and decorations. 

There is a kiln in the pot making area. My shop is in a shopping center that has full-time security guards.

Please consider the following when calculating the quote:

  • The kiln has been certified safe by the local fire department
  • The shop is on high ground, so flood damage, if any, would be minimal
  • The shopping center has had no break-in for the past seven years

I would like a quote from your company because my present insurance company just raised my premium, and I believe it is unjustified. I would welcome someone from your company to come to my shop and consider my situation.

Either I or one of my employees will be here Monday – Saturday, from 9am – 6pm, and we would appreciate it if you would call before coming. I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or a name@email.com


Your Signature
Your Name Printed
Name of Business
List of Enclosures

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