Writing an Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter [Free Samples]

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The unemployment office has complicated rules and regulations that must be followed if a person is to receive the payments they deserve.

If a person is denied payments, he or she has the right to send an unemployment denial appeal letter to have their claim reviewed.

This is the platform where they can fight back against an employer or explain the extenuating circumstances that contribute to their need for unemployment benefits.

First Appeal

It is very important to win a first appeal for unemployment benefits. It’s possible to appeal again if the first appeal is denied, but this is not what it seems. 

A second appeal to a higher appeal authority will only give the claimant the chance to explain why they deserve another appeal to the first appeal board. It is not a higher authority that will grant the appeal.

The claimant should remember that asking for an appeal means they are asking the board to disagree with their own officer or their own previous decision. 

This is why it is important to have the correct documentation that proves the claimant’s case. If an appeal hearing is granted, the claimant can also ask for a continuance during the hearing to gather more evidence to support their argument.

Know The Reasons For Denial

The appeal letter is not the place to express distress and complaints against an employer or the unemployment board. The claimant can clearly state that the denial was unfair based on presented facts and documents.

In order to do this, he or she must know the reasons they were denied unemployment benefits and do the research to gather the documents that disprove the reasons.


Finally, it has been proven by a study conducted in New York City by an employee unemployment advocate group, that if a claimant has professional representation during an appeal hearing, the claimant is twice as likely to have the denial overturned.

An unemployment denial appeal letter has a good chance of success especially if the person has additional information about his or her situation that was not mentioned earlier.

In some cases, there is an appeal form that must be filled out by the applicant and included with the letter.

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some tips

Here are some tips for creating the best letter possible:

  1. Since it is an official document, it should be very professional. The grammar and spelling should be correct, and it should be written in clear language. If the letter is professional, there is a better chance the official will take the time to consider the case.
  2. The letter should begin with the case number and the reason the unemployment payments were denied. It should also state why the denial is inaccurate and unfair.
  3. The claimant should include any documents that prove their case. If the employer is fighting the claim and states that the employee quit the job, the person needs to have proof that the employer’s allegations are false.
  4. Any information that is new and provides good cause for reviewing the case should be included. This includes witness statements that support the claimant. Their names and contact information should be included in the letter.
  5. It is recommended that the letter be as short as possible while giving all the pertinent information. Usually, two paragraphs and a closing paragraph is enough, but it may be longer if there is a lot of information to be included.

Below are sample unemployment denial appeal letters. As mentioned above, it should be written in formal business-style. The letter should be sent by certified mail and a copy retained by the claimant.

Sample 1 - Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code
Case Number of Claimant


State Unemployment Compensation Board
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Appeal for the denial of unemployment benefits

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is a formal appeal of the decision by the State Unemployment Board to deny me unemployment compensation benefits. 

I received the denial in a letter dated DATE, that informed me that my employer was fighting my right to compensation because I quit my job.

This is a false accusation. They fired me and paid me one month’s salary compensation. I have included the documents to prove this. 

I respectfully request an unemployment hearing in order to have the opportunity to present the documents that prove my claim. I am confident that my documents will prove that the claims of my employer are false.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my case. I can be reached at Phone Number or at Email Address if you have any further questions.


Your Name
Enclosures: Severance Documents, One Month’s Severance Pay Stub, Relevant Forms

Sample 2 - Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter

Michael Eric Stemple
2765 St. Hwy 139
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
Contact No.: 740-589-7854
Case No: OH 014/527854


The Chairman
State Of Ohio Unemployment Compensation Appeals Board
1919 Frank Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43213
Sub: Appeal For The Denial Of Unemployment

To Whom It May Concern,

This is a formal request to appeal the decision made regarding the denial of my unemployment compensation benefits from the State of Ohio.

The letter sent, dated December 30, 20xx, stated that the employer was fighting me on grounds that I was not eligible for these funds. 

It stated that I quit my employment and that after a meeting, they had encouraged me to stay.

The facts provided to you by the employer are false. Moreover, they are a blatant attempt to avoid paying unemployment. I have detailed proof, which I have attached.

During the past two month’s of my employment, more and more demands were being made on me by the new supervisors. I was written up and I disputed the write up due to the impossibility of the situation.

I have attached the severance contract that shows they let me go and also paid me a severance package. 

The letter will clearly show that this was an attempt to settle without having a lawsuit and signed off on by the head of HR.

Based on the fact that I had raised the age discrimination case, had been given an unfair workload and had many other things, it was clear they were trying to push me out the door. The attached documentation will put everything into perspective.

I filled out the application your organization requires, and would like this to be looked at as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 740-589-7854.


Michael Stemple

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