How I Got MORE MONEY in Financial Aid: Sharing My Tips On Applying For FAFSA

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Writing a Financial Aid Appeal Letter (with Sample)  
I want to sincerely thank you for offering me financial assistance so that I may attend Harris College. However, the financial status of my family has changed dramatically since I submitted my application.

How to Write a Sponsorship Request Letter (with Sample) 
I would like to formally request your company to be one of the event’s corporate sponsors for $20,000. Your company will receive recognition as a supporter of a greener city.

Writing a Simple College Hardship Withdrawal Letter (with Sample)
I have enclosed the withdrawal forms required by the university. Since the semester started only two weeks ago, I am within the time limit, according to school policy, to receive a full refund for this semester’s fees. 

Writing a Letter Requesting Scholarship (with Sample) 
I am submitting this application for the ABC SCHOLARSHIP to further my education in environmental studies. I have studied for two years in Rutgers University and require financial assistance to complete my degree in Environmental Science.

How to Write a Simple Student Loan Hardship Letter (with Sample)
Enclosed is my application for student loans for my YEAR – YEAR college year. I am currently enrolled in [Liberty University] in the [Psychology] classes and want to stay on campus.

College Withdrawal Letter Sample
This letter is to inform you that I need to withdraw from the university due to personal hardship. On DATE, my father who was paying for my college education died of heart failure.

[Sample] Sponsorship Request Letter for Event 
I am the event planner for [ABC Company’s Annual awards ceremony]. Every year we give a monetary award to high school seniors who have excelled in the field of environmental sustainability in all areas of life.