How To Complain About Harassment at Work The Right Way

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Writing a Complaint Letter About Workplace Harassment
I am writing this letter to inform you about racial slurs and vulgar jokes that have been directed at me for the past month by a co-worker, [Name of Harasser]. 

Sample Demand Letter for Unpaid Wages
As of this date, wages in the amount of [amount] are owed to me. I request that payment be made in full five business days from the date that this letter is received.

Writing a Simple Letter to Attorney Requesting Help
I have attempted to reach you by phone on (dates of phone calls) to find out about (the standing of my case). It has been (how long?) since we have communicated.

How to Write a Demand Letter [with Sample]
I am requesting you to give me the full deposit by the end of next week on DATE. If it is not returned to me on or before that date, I will take the issue to small-claims court.

Writing a Demand Letter for Unpaid Wages [with Sample] 
I was recently let go from my position as [Job Title] on [DATE]. I am writing this email because I am still owed my last pay check in the amount of [$$$]. I respectfully demand that you pay the full amount owed to me within seven business days.