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Writing a Sample Appeal Letter for Parking Ticket
I received a parking ticket on [DATE], stating that I was parked in a street cleaning zone. I have understood that the city does not clean the streets on public holidays, and this was [Name of Holiday].

Writing a Simple Letter to Attorney Requesting Help
I have attempted to reach you by phone on (dates of phone calls) to find out about (the standing of my case). It has been (how long?) since we have communicated. I understood that you would contact me by (date) and that was (length of time) and I have not heard from you.

How to Write a Good Complaint Letter to an Attorney
I am writing this letter to bring to your attention an action on your part that has caused me financial difficulty. You told me on DATE that you would forward my documents to the court within the next week.

How to Write an Attorney Termination Letter (with Examples)
I would like to terminate the legal relationship that we have as I have obtained other counsel. I appreciate the long hours and hard work that has gone into this extensive custody case. As with many custody cases, they are long and drawn out and very costly.  
How to Fire Your Attorney
The first thing to do is to read through any service agreement or contract the client signed with the attorney.