HR Is Not Your Friend. Before You Complain At Work, Watch This...

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It’s important to understand that HR (human resources) is not necessarily your personal friend, but rather a professional department within an organization whose primary role is to manage and support the company’s employees. That being said, there are certain things to consider before complaining about a work-related issue to HR:

  1. Consider the nature of your complaint: If you have a minor concern or issue that can be resolved informally, it might be more appropriate to address it directly with your supervisor or another colleague. However, if you have a more serious concern, such as harassment or discrimination, it may be necessary to bring it to HR’s attention.

  2. Understand the limits of HR’s role: HR is there to support and protect the company, so it is important to understand that they may not always be able to take your side or address your complaint in the way you would like.

  3. Document your complaint: Before approaching HR, it can be helpful to document your complaint in writing. This can include details about the incident, any relevant dates or times, and the names of any witnesses. Having a written record can help you clearly articulate your complaint and provide evidence if necessary.

  4. Follow the company’s complaint procedures: Most companies have established procedures for employees to follow when making a complaint. It is important to follow these procedures so that your complaint can be properly addressed.

  5. Consider the potential consequences: Speaking up about a work-related issue can be difficult, and there is always a risk that your complaint may not be taken seriously or may even have negative consequences for you. It is important to weigh the potential risks and benefits before making a complaint.

Overall, it is important to approach HR with a clear and professional demeanor, and to understand that they are there to support the company and its employees, rather than acting as your personal advocate.

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