Letters of Support and Affidavits of Support for Immigration

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Letters of support and affidavits of support are both types of documents that can be used to help demonstrate to immigration authorities that an individual seeking to come to or stay in a country has financial and emotional support from someone in that country. 

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They can be useful in a variety of immigration situations, including when someone is applying for a visa, seeking to become a permanent resident, or trying to bring a family member to the country.

Here are some tips for writing a letter of support or an affidavit of support for immigration:

  1. Identify the purpose of the document: Clearly state the purpose of the document, such as supporting an individual’s application for a visa or seeking to bring a family member to the country.

  2. Explain the relationship between the writer and the individual: Clearly state how you know the individual and the nature of your relationship. For example, you might be a family member, a friend, or an employer.

  3. Provide details about the individual: Include information about the individual’s background, such as their education, employment history, and any other relevant details.

  4. Explain how you will support the individual: Clearly state how you will support the individual, both financially and emotionally. If you are offering financial support, be specific about the amount of money you can provide and how you will provide it.

  5. Include any relevant documents: If you have any documents that support your claims, such as proof of income or a rental agreement, include copies of these documents with your letter or affidavit.

  6. Make sure the document is properly formatted: Follow the guidelines for formatting the document as required by the immigration authorities. This may include using a specific font size and style, and following a specific layout.

  7. Have the document notarized: Depending on the requirements of the immigration authorities, you may need to have your letter or affidavit notarized. This means that a notary public will witness you signing the document and will attach a seal to it, verifying that it is genuine.

It’s important to be honest and accurate in your letter or affidavit of support, as immigration authorities may verify the information provided. If you make false claims or provide false information, it could have serious consequences for the individual you are supporting and for yourself.

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