Top 25 videos

  1. How To Find An Attorney To Help For Free – You may have a problem to solve or you may be sued and do not have the means to hire counsel. If it is a criminal situation you can ask for a public defender to be appointed to help you. There are also ways to obtain an attorney for a minimal or no cost in a civil matter. Some of those ways are covered in this video.
  2. Can Parent Authorize Medical Treatment In Case Of Emergency On Trip? – Greg and Ed answer a question from a parent who is concerned about her daughter’s medical care while she is away on a trip with others.
  3. How to Write the Perfect Letter of Resignation – In this video, you’ll learn how to write the perfect letter of resignation. You’ll learn 5 tips that will help you resign properly from your current position with confidence and control.
  4. How To Give Temporary Custody Of A Minor To A Grandparent – Are you in a position where you need to give temporary custody of a minor to a grandparent? It’s not as hard as you might think..
  5. Writing a Character Reference for Court – A character reference can be a very effective tool for persuading a court to make decisions which are favorable for the offender. A well-written and detailed character reference may impact upon the final decision that is made and, ultimately, the penalty that is handed down. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what you can and cannot include.
  6. Temporary Guardianship for Minors – Typically when we think about who will take care of our kids it is in the context of what if we die.  Most parents rarely consider that they may need to set up temporary guardianships to protect their children over short periods of time.
  7. How to Write an Appeals Letter – As worries about unemployment continue to grow and more cases of unfair dismissal continue to go to tribunal, here at your employment matters we show you that turning to a professional can save you considerably more in the long run.
  8. How To Change Your Address – A short tutorial on how to change your address and have your mail forwarded to your new address.
  9. How I Successfully Reduced My Speeding Ticket In Court – I got a speeding ticket for going about 15km/h and I went to the court to ask the first appearance judge for a potential reduction on my ticket – and they did!! So I’m very glad now as the points won’t be on my license or affect my driving record!!
  10. How To Make A Payment Contract – Let’s join Marianne DeNovellis and dive deep on how to make a payment contract. How to put one together as well as a very useful website to come up with a payment contract best suited for your needs with your six figure business.
  11. How To Complain About Harassment at Work The Right Way – Here are two very simple but important tips for complaining about workplace harassment or workplace discrimination the right way.
  12. How To Get Medical Records – If you need access to your medical information, you will have to follow procedure to avoid delays.
  13. Writing A Letter Of Recommendation – Have you ever had to write a letter of recommendation and didn’t know where to start? Learn all you need to know from Jess Stratton, who provides writing tips and explains the proper structure for a recommendation letter in this tutorial. Discover strategies for quickly producing a letter of recommendation.
  14. Can A Temporary Custody Order Turn Into A Permanent Custody Order? – A question I get asked quite a bit from my clients and my potential clients is whether or not a temporary custody order can turn into a permanent custody order.   The short answer is yes it can.
  15. How To Ask Your Boss For Career Development Training – 8 Ways to Ask Your Boss for Career Development Training
  16. Traffic Attorney Explains How To Beat A Speeding Ticket – Traffic attorney explains 20 ways to defend yourself if you have a speeding ticket. This video describes 20 speeding tickets defenses and how to beat a speeding ticket. Its designed for people defending themselves in traffic court. But if you have a serious speeding ticket or reckless driving case, contact a lawyer to get a free consultation.
  17. Setting Up A Loan Agreement Between Friends And Family – If you have come across some unexpected bill or debt, you may find yourself in need of a loan from a friend or family member. Before you go down this road, make sure that you are cutting the right corners financially.
  18. How To Write A Letter Asking For Loan From A Company Officer – How to write a letter asking for loan from a Company Officer.
  19. Making A Child Support Agreement – When parents separate, one of the first things they should think about is child support. Child support is the money one parent pays the other for the financial support of their child or children.
  20. How to Ask Your Boss for Something and Get a Resounding YES – In this video you’ll learn how to ask your boss for a raise, time off, work from home privileges, visa sponsorship, or anything else MAJOR that you need their support on.
  21. The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview – Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he teaches you exactly how to write the 4 sentence cover letter that gets you the job interview!
  22. How To Write An AWESOME Legal Demand Letter! – Attorney Steve® discusses how to write not a Good or Great legal demand letter, but an AWESOME demand letter that gets noticed and gets attention and hopefully helps you get your case settled.
  23. How to Write a Letter to Contest a Parking Ticket – If you receive a traffic ticket, you can appeal the ticket by writing a letter. You may also be able to appeal by phone or email, but a written appeal can be as long as you want it to be and affords you the opportunity to attach supporting evidence.[1] Even if your ticket is found to be valid, you may still get off with just a warning.[2]
  24. How to Write a Business Proposal? 7 Minutes Step-by-Step Guide – Learn how to write a business proposal that makes your potential clients say ‘Yes’. In the second part, you will get 3 BONUS TIPS from the leading company on the proposal software market that will help you to close deals faster than ever!
  25. 4 Steps I Used to Negotiate Debt and Save $6,500 – The actual process I used to negotiate debt and save thousands plus how to plan your own debt negotiation strategy without a debt settlement company.