How To Ask For (And GET) What You Want...EVERY TIME

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Writing a Letter Requesting a Pay Raise (with Sample)
I would like to request a base salary increase of 10%, which is in-line with the average salary for a senior accountant with my level of experience in our geographic region.

Writing a Bonus Request Letter [with Sample]
I am writing to request a bonus for my recent work in a project for the companies HR department. The billboards designed were done on my own time and to help resolve employee shortages.

Writing a Letter for Promotion Consideration [with Sample]
It has been brought to my attention by NAME who is my immediate supervisor that the position of Manager for Recycling has become available, and I would like to express my interest in this position. 

How to Write a Simple Job Transfer Request Letter (with Sample)
I learned about the position of Senior Web Developer that has recently become open in the New York City office from my immediate manager, Jim Long, and would like to respectfully submit my application for the position.

How to Deal with Unfair Treatment at Work
Being treated unfairly at work can make even your dream job something you dread.  Unfair treatment can come in a variety of forms, from workplace bullying or harassment to sexual harassment to being denied the raise or promotion you’ve earned, but it’s never right, as all employees deserve to feel safe.

What to Do After a Bad Performance Review 
Getting a bad performance review
 at work can be devastating. Whether you feel you deserve it or not it is an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, there are things to do that will ease the pain and help you move forward to raise your performance for the next review.