Free Letter to Fire Attorney [Sample]

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A sample termination letter for an attorney can be found below. Keep in mind that this is a sample letter to provide you an idea of how to draft a termination letter for an attorney. This letter’s format and content will not be appropriate in every situation.

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Letter To Fire Attorney Sample

Lisa Carney
1279 Oakbrook Drive
Columbia, MD 20707


Lori Silcott
20 N. Camden Ave.
Columbia, MD 20707

Re: Termination Letter

Dear Ms. Silcott:

I would like to terminate the legal relationship that we have as I have obtained other counsel. I appreciate the long hours and hard work that has gone into this extensive custody case.

As with many personal injury cases, they are long and drawn out and very costly. When I retained your counsel, I paid $3,500.

This money seemed to have gone very quickly and within two months I was required to add an additional $3,000 to my account.

You have been my attorney for more than eight months and to date I have spent around $9,000 and still have seen little progress.

I have called the office many times to speak to you and instead speak to a paralegal. You never return my phones calls, your late to court and you seem completely uninvolved in this case.

Due to my desire to protect my interests, I felt it necessary to obtain counsel that would fight for my interests.

If you could be so kind, please send a copy of my file to Brown Law Firm, 123 South Street, Columbia MD 20707. The final bill for you services can be sent to my address above.


Lisa A. Carney

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