Guardianship Letter in Case of Death (Free Sample)

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Learn how to write a guardianship letter in case of death. Use our sample sample guardianship letter in case of death as a template for your guardianship letter.

sample guardianship letter in case of death

Elizabeth Smith
120 Great West Rd.
Jackson, Ohio 45640


Jamie Harr
98745 St. Rt. 149
Rosemount, Ohio 45662

Re: Guardianship of Minor Child, Andrea Smith

The rationale behind my designation of Brenda Sharp as Andrea Smith’s guardian in the event of my death is outlined in this letter.

I have no doubt Brenda will make a wonderful guardian. In addition to raising her own three amazing children, she has spent a lot of time with Andrea. Brenda attends our church and follows the same religion as I do.

I also ask that my family members embrace this choice and help Andrea as she transition to life with Brenda during what will undoubtedly be a trying and difficult period for her.

Before selecting what would be best for my child, I carefully thought over my alternatives and tried to balance all the benefits and drawbacks.

Please don’t get angry, frustrated, or insulted. You being in Andrea’s life has been a blessing, and I hope you’ll continue to be there to help her as she gets older.

Brenda and I had a lengthy conversation about what a guardian is. She recognizes how crucial it is for Andrea to continue her current interests and lifestyle as much as she can, including sports, church, her current school, and other pursuits.

I appreciate your support in my choice to name Brenda as my child’s guardian. Please support Brenda as Andrea’s guardian by doing everything you can to help her.


Elizabeth Smith

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