Nanny Reference Letter [Free Sample]

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Providing your nanny with a letter of recommendation can help her find her next job. A well-written recommendation letter is also a chance for you to express your gratitude for her care for your children. 

Because a nanny is in charge of a family’s children, the facts and experiences you give in a reference letter can have a big impact on their career prospects.

handwritten for a more personal touch

A sample nanny referral letter is provided below. It can be handwritten for a more personal touch, or it can be printed for a more formal look. 

You may inquire as to whether the letter should be addressed to a specific individual or merely to “whoever it may concern.” This may have an impact on the nanny’s qualities that are highlighted.

Nanny Reference Letter Sample

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To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a formal recommendation for [Nanny’s Name] for the position of child care provider. I met her through a mutual friend and discovered she was looking for nanny work.

She offered me two recommendation letters that spoke very highly of her character. One was from a judge and the other was from a previous employer. 

[Name of Nanny] has worked for me for the past five years and looked after both my son and my daughter. When she started, my son was two years and my daughter was four years.

They are now old enough not to not require a full-time nanny, which is the reason we are sadly letting [Nanny’s Name] go. However, she would be a cheerful and positive addition to any family, and I highly recommend her for any child care job.

Her focus and enthusiasm drives her multi-tasking abilities, and she has always made both of my children feel valued and cared-for. 

She makes it a point to look online for games and activities that attract the children to fun and educational projects.

[Nanny’s Name] moved closely with our family on a daily basis and twice accompanied us on vacation. 

I can attest to her loyalty and confidentiality and she conducts herself very professionally, never taking advantage of her position.

We hope to keep in touch with [Nanny’s Name] throughout the years and wish her well in her future endeavors. 

If you are considering [Nanny’s Name] as a personal nanny, you may not find a better person.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at [Phone Number] or at [Email Address] and will be happy to give you more information about [Nanny’s Name].


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