[Sample] Hardship Letter for Rental Assistance

Learn how to write a hardship letter for rental assistance. Use our sample rental assistance letter as a template for your request letter.

Sample Hardship Letter For Rental Assistance

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RE: Formal request for rental assistance

Dear Name of Relevant Person:

This hardship letter accompanies my application for rental assistance. It is a formal request for a favorable reply to my application. 

My wife and I have lived within our means for the past five years and have avoided piling up crushing debt. However, all of that changed when my wife got breast cancer and required expensive treatment.

We have a small health insurance policy, but it does not cover all of the expenses. Because of this, we have fallen behind in our mortgage payment, utility bills and car loan payments.

I am requesting a financial grant to help us get through this trying time. The prognosis for my wife is good, but she will not be able to go back to work for at least six months. 

Meanwhile, my salary is not enough to make payments and buy food and gasoline. I believe we can be financially secure again by DATE.

I have enclosed copies of my wife’s medical bills, tests and doctor’s notes as well as proof of my income, insurance premiums and invoices for my rent and other bills. 

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. If you have any questions, I can be reached at Phone Number or at Email Address at any time.

I would welcome a chance to meet you and explain further my situation and the steps we are taking towards financial stability.


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