Sample Response Letter for Poor Performance

Learn how to write a response letter for poor performance. Use our sample response letter for poor performance to your employer as a template for your response letter.

Sample Response Letter For Poor Performance

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Dear [Name of Employer],

This letter is a formal response to the poor performance review you gave me on [DATE]. 

I appreciate that you recognized the energy and enthusiasm I have for my work and acknowledged my dedication to [Name of Company].

You mentioned in my performance review that my sales numbers were below expectation in the last 12 months. 

I agree this is true, however, since I was in the hospital for one month and recovering with physical therapy for the two following months, this greatly impacted my sales figures.

I believe it’s only fair that this also be mentioned in my performance review. I have enclosed a letter from my doctor and a copy of my hospital report. 

As it stands, the performance review gives the impression that I didn’t work as hard during the past 12 months, and this simply was not the case. 

If my sales figures are compared to nine months of the previous year, it will be clear that the numbers are higher this year. 

I am requesting that the reason my sales figures fell during the past 12 months also be included in my performance review. 

If a new performance review that fairly represents my efforts is not given, I respectfully request that this letter be attached to my official job appraisal. 

I sincerely value the product I am selling for [Name of Company] and enjoy my work. I will continue to do my best and am willing to listen to any suggestions you may have. I would welcome a meeting to discuss the situation and hope this issue can be resolved.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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