[Sample] Sponsorship Request Letter for Event

Learn how to write a sponsorship request letter. Use our sample sponsorship request letter as a template for your sponsorship request letter.

Sample Sponsorship Request Letter For Event

Company Letterhead

[Mack Anderson]
[Event Planner]
[ABC Company]
[234 Sixth Avenue]
[Baltimore, MD 21067]

[July 10, 2022]

[Sonia Chew]
[Vice President]
[XYZ Company]
[9807 Hill Top Avenue]
[Baltimore, MD 21068]

Dear [Ms. Chew]:

I am the event planner for [ABC Company’s Annual awards ceremony]. Every year we give a monetary award to high school seniors who have excelled in the field of environmental sustainability in all areas of life. 

This year we have selected three teenagers who have made significant contributions to the city and will give the awards on [August 15, 2022 at VENUE].

I would like to formally request your company to be one of the event’s corporate sponsors for [$20,000]. Your company will receive recognition as a supporter of a greener city. 

We will include your company’s name and logo on the background banner for the award’s ceremony and will mention your support in the opening announcements. 

The local TV news will attend as will three local newspapers, all of which have an online presence where your company will be highlighted.

I sincerely hope you will agree to sponsor this event. I can be reached at [(343) 123-4567] or at [mack@email.com] if you would like to arrange a time we can meet when I can give you the required forms and other details.

Thank you for your kind attention to my request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Mack Anderson]
[Event Planner]