[Sample] Letter to Discontinue Lawn Service

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Learn how to write a letter to discontinue lawn service. Use our sample letter to discontinue lawn service as a template for your cancellation letter.

Sample Letter To Discontinue Lawn Service


Your Name
Position in the Company
Company’s Address
City, State, Zip Code


Receiver’s Name
Receiver’s Company
Receiver’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Cancellation of Contract Ref. Number [NUMBER]

Dear [Name of Receiver],

This letter is to inform you that we are cancelling your service for mowing the lawn around our commercial building at [ADDRESS]. According to the contract signed on [DATE], cancellation is allowed if your service is not performed regularly each week. 

It has been three weeks since you have attended to our lawn. I have enclosed a copy of our contract with you with the condition for cancellation highlighted. 

If you have any questions, I can be reached at [555-123-4567] or at [name@email.com]. I hope to receive confirmation of this letter within [10 days] of you receiving it and to clear our account by the end of the month on [DATE].

Thank you for your prompt attention.


[Your Name]
List of Enclosures such as copy of contract with pertinent points highlighted